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WinUAE, de Windows-port van de UAE Amiga-emulator, is afgelopen vrijdag voorzien van een update naar versie 2.3.0. Dit programma is in staat om een Commodore Amiga perfect te emuleren. Alle modellen, vanaf de allereerste Amiga 1000 tot en met de Amiga 4000, worden ondersteund. Houd er wel rekening mee dat de WinUAE zonder kickstart (boot-rom) of andere software wordt geleverd. Meer informatie kan in de Amiga Emulator FAQ worden gevonden. WinUAE draait op Windows 2000 en hoger en de download is iets meer dan 2MB groot. Naast de emulator zijn nog een kickstart, zeg maar de bios/firmware van een Amiga, en natuurlijk software nodig. Amiga Forever is hiervoor een mogelijke oplossing, met prijzen vanaf tien euro. Hieronder is te vinden wat er sinds versie 2.2.0 allemaal is veranderd.

New features:
•CDTV and CD32 subchannel hardware emulation, CD+G audio CDs supported.
•CDTV statefile support.
•FLAC compressed CD audio tracks supported (cue+flac or cue+iso+flac).
•Automatic center, max fullscreen and tv-like fullscreen options added.
•uaescsi.device SCSI emulation, including full CD audio support.
•Pause uaescsi.device CD audio when emulation is paused or GUI is open.
•Support for configuration file delayed CD image insert, for example CD32 games F17 Challenge and Last Ninja crash if booted before CD32 boot screen appears...
•Right and bottom border, if outside of display area, is blanked instead of filling with current border color.
•Full "Portable"/USB key mode (-portable command line parameter) and relative path support.
•Borderless/minimal/normal windowed mode option.
•CD/CD image handling rewrite:
◦.ccd/.img/.sub and .mds/.mdf v1 image files supported.
◦Subchannel support (CDTV/CD32 CD+G).
◦Audio tracks fully supported.
◦SCSI emulation, CD images and non-SPTI mode full uaescsi.device CD audio support, most common CD SCSI commands emulated. SCSI emulation enabled by default.
◦Near-instant compressed (mp3/flac) CD audio and zipped CD image startup time.
◦More reliable CD/CD image and CD image/real drive on the fly change support.
•CD32/CDTV more accurate CD audio and animation streaming.
•Rawinput keyboard handling improved.
•Cycle exact audio and disk DMA sequencer, Paula DMA request line timing fully emulated, (previously DMA accesses were "immediate", all other timing was already exact)
•Direct3D bezel overlays and "old" overlays separated, bezel overlays are in overlays-directory, old overlays should be renamed as masks.
•Direct3D bezel automatic display area detection and aspect ratio correction.
•Disk images inside archives are automatically "extracted" to Disk Swapper and floppy drive paths when dragged and dropped.
•68000 and 68020 cycle exact CPU timing updates.
•68040 MMU emulation compatibility improved, Linux and NetBSD confirmed working.
•Keyboard led handling improved.
2.2 bugs fixed:
•Triple/double/single buffer option was not saved to configuration file.
•Autovsync didn't work.
•Rawinput GUI F12 key ignored window focus.
•Gameports panel joystick/mouse type (mouse,joystick,analog joystick,..) was ignored when configuration file was loaded.
Other bugs fixed:
•Direct3D 2x+ shader filter bad image quality.
•CDTV CD timecode (Built-in CD player time counter).
•CD32 CD end of play notification only worked if play was last sent CD command. (Fightin Spirit)
•CD32 CD audio status reporting when attempting to play data tracks (Mission Impossible 2025)
•CD32 pad 2-button mode fixes (F17 Challenge, Quik The Thunder Rabbit, ATR)
•Audio length detection error if MP3 audio tracks had checksummed frames.
•Built-in image mounter CD audio timecode offset fixed.
•Z3/RTG RAM leak when restarting.
•Direct3D scanlines can be (finally) enabled on the fly.
•Configuration file cdimage0=: at startup didn't work.
•Dynamic hardfiles didn't work reliably with DirectSCSI filesystems.
•Dynamic hardfile data corruption if physical file size grew over 4G.
•Some demos had blank display (broke in 2.0 Denise updates).
•Transparent clipboard support crash fixes.
•Initial ROM scan didn't detect Amiga Forever rom keys correctly.
•Joystick axis bogus autofire in some situations when remapping joysticks.
•Rawinput was not enabled if only one (physical or logical) keyboard was detected.
•RTG mouse cursor problem in D3D mode with enabled filter.
•RTG 8-bit fullscreen mode color error in some situations.
•Miscellaneous custom chipset and disk emulation tweaks.
•RTS and RTD odd address check was missing, fixes also mysterious JIT crashes.
•Epson printer emulation multiple page printing fixes.
•plugin directory detection problems.
•Rar archive crash.
•~1.5G Z3 Fast RAM works again (64-bit host OS only)

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